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The Ping Way provides training and coaching services to individuals, teams and organizations to help realize their potential.

Individual Potential: physical health, spiritual wellness, loving relationships, career satisfaction, peer and community recognition, setting and achieving ambitious goals.

Team Potential: mutual understanding and respect, commitment to common goals, high cohesiveness, effective decision-making and problem-solving, dynamic leadership.

Organizational Potential: products and services for the public good, employee satisfaction, high productivity and profit, innovation, effective communication, leading change.

The Ping Way's Approach

Activities - ropes course, rock climbing, co-op initiatives, simulation games, theatre improv and skits, orienteering, hiking, biking, roller-blading, yoga, tai chi, camping, igloo-building, skating, skiing, team sports and more.

Theories - teamwork, leadership, public speaking, motivation, time management, stress management, change management, assertiveness, career development, office politics, communication in organizations.

Assessments - True Colours®, EQ-i®, EQ-360®, MBTI®, Personality Dimensions® and more.

Coaching - Face-to-face, by phone or internet.

Our Clients:
Our clients are diverse. The following is a partial list of our clients and their feedback. Education Sector
“The Program has excellent methodology & organization…” – from Schulich School of Business

Corporate Sector
“Everyone was thrilled with the sessions. It got people thinking & encouraging each other & working together, all in a fun environment!” -- from CIBC

Government Sector
“This was a great session – informative, fun – very helpful in helping our team get to know each other! Your energy and enthusiasm as a facilitator made this a huge success for us.” -- Liz Riach, a director of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Non-Profit Sector
“This session gives me more confidence to deal with conflict and negotiations.” -- from Parks and Recreation Ontario

Union Sector
“Shortly after taking this program, I moved up to a new position with more project management responsibilities. I found this program very helpful.” -- from Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Community Sector
"The assertiveness workshop was proven to be extremely meaningful … Thank you!!” – from Toronto Tongzhi Club

"Xiaoping helped me to clearly identify issues related to blockages in my personal and professional development – many of which I was only partially aware and choosing to ignore. By doing the EQ-i assessment, and discussing the results with him, I have been able to identify my EQ strengths and plan how they can help me develop my EQ weaknesses. The session cut through to my core life issues and now I have a plan for improving my interactions with people and honouring myself. The difficult part is now up to me – putting this into practice with people. But I am more confident that I can now do this.” -- Chris Veldhoven, Toronto

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