Corporate Training Programs

Experiential Facilitator Certification

This certification consists of three parts:

1. Experiential Facilitation Theory
• Facilitating vs. Teaching, leading or coaching
• Six Facilitating Roles
• Experiential Facilitating Processes
• Six Generations of Experiential Learning

2. Activities and Facilitation Practice
• Team building activities
• Simulation games for various applications
• The Optical Debriefing

3. Client Facilitation and Feedback
• shadow an experienced facilitator in real sessions
• co-facilitate sessions with real clients
• facilitate sessions with real clients independently
• report in writing a facilitating experience

Some graduates have joined The Ping Way to facilitate various experiential training programs. Some have taken their facilitation skills to other experiential training companies. Some have applied their facilitating skills in their leadership roles within their current organizations.

“It was a very focused and effective learning program. I learned a lot within a span of two sessions, one as a trainee and other as a facilitator.”

“The theory was a great jump off part. But my best learning was indeed by doing. It is very beneficial to partner with an experienced facilitator to learn practical techniques.”

---- participants from Schulich School of Business