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Communication In Organizations - Crossing The Distance™

While facilitating a team building session with an organization that had gone through a major change, our facilitators listened to many concerns shared by participants with regard to organizational communication.

Those concerns highlighted the key communication elements in an organization. They are:

• Communication structure – determined mostly by organizational structure
• Communication network – communication structure and individual connections
• Communication channels – meetings, posts, e-mails, interactive web data base
• Communication grapevine – informal message: collegial, top down & bottom up

In some ways, communication in organizations resembles the nerve system in the human body. Top management is the head; frontline workers are the sensory cells – they hear, see, smell, taste and feel. In order for an organization function well, everyone must actively communicate.

Crossing The Distance™ helps you identify issues in your communication systems and develop new strategies and practices to mobilize your staff members to achieve your organization's goals.