Corporate Training Programs

Difference, Conflict, Diversity

In this program, you will learn more about dynamic inter-relationships between difference, conflict and diversity. You will use a combination of theory, activities and discussion to practice strategies and skills to manage differences, conflicts and diversity.

On Conflict:

You will gain in depth understanding of personality conflicts, opinion conflicts, conflicts of interests, and emotional conflicts. You will be empowered with the knowledge and tools to deal with conflicts assertively – to protect your interests and rights, while respecting those of others.

You will also learn the skills of negotiation in order to achieve the optimum outcome for all involved parties.

On Diversity:

You will learn about the business case for diversity, the legal requirements, cultural differences and their implication in your daily interaction with others. You will acquire skills to clarify assumptions, identify the dynamics between the privileged and under-privileged, avoid generalizing or pigeonholing, and combat bias, stereotype and discrimination.

More importantly, you will begin to apply your newly learned knowledge and skills to real-life situations in order to create a more inclusive environment around you. By doing so, you, your team and organization will maximize the benefits of diversity.

"This session gives me more confidence to deal with conflict and negotiations."

"It was a great session! You captured our attention / had a great little book - very useful."

---- participants from Parks Recreation Ontario