Corporate Training Programs

Emotional Intelligence Applications

Numerous studies have concluded that EQ is a more determinant factor than IQ for one's life success.

People with high EQ scores tend to sell more, earn more and lead others better than those with lower EQ scores.

Your EQ scores can be improved through training.

The first step is to assess your EQ.

The Ping Way is certified to administer:

  • BarOn EQ-I® (self-reported assessment)
  • BarOn EQ-360 (feedback from those around you)

Once you have completed your EQ assessment, we will work with you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Next, you will receive specific training and coaching, and apply your learning to real-life situations.

In six months, you may re-assess your EQ and watch your scores soar.

Emotional Intelligence can be applied to:

  • increase self-awareness, assertiveness, independence, self-regard and self-actualization
  • improve Interpersonal relationships
  • increase ability to adapt, and solve problems
  • improve stress management
  • become more optimistic and happier

"Xiaoping helped me to clearly identify issues related to blockages in my personal and professional development – many of which I was only partially aware and choosing to ignore. By doing the EQ assessment, and discussing the results with him, I have been able to identify my EQ strengths and plan how they can help me develop my EQ weaknesses. The session cut through to my core life issues and now I have a plan for improving my interactions with people and honouring myself. The difficult part is now up to me – putting this into practice with people. But I am more confident that I can now do this.”

---- Chris Veldhoven, Toronto