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I haven’t written to you for a long time since my last issue on my leadership development model:

Self-awareness -> Self-leadership -> Public Relationship -> Public Leadership

I have been practicing this model myself. I would like to share with you how this model has worked for me.

1. Self-leadership

I have started a new business operation Zen Climb that offers outdoor rock climbing instructions.

On Monday November 29th, I taught a client climbing at Rattlesnake Point north of Milton. As I climbed up a cliff
spider-man style while my client belayed me at the base, I felt I was entering a new realm of reality.

I had climbed this route before. I had climbed almost every weekend weather permitting. But this time, I was getting paid.
I was providing a service to a client.

This is what work should be: a joy.

2. Slacklining
To slackline is to walk on a one-inch-wide webbing tied between two trees/anchors. I demonstrated slacklining in the Great Outdoor & DIY Weekend show at the International Centre in Toronto, November 26-28th. Global TV featured this activity in its news report. You can watch the video clip here.

I agreed to do the demo in September even though I hadn’t walked through any length of slackline without falling. In the process of preparation for the show, I learned many life lessons, which you can read here.

3. Diversity
Lately I have experienced great benefits in working with people whose personalities are very different from mine. I have also noticed significant misunderstanding between people from different backgrounds in many occasions. Next year, The Ping Way will put more effort in promoting diversity in its training programs.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season! If you or you know someone would be interested in trying either rock climbing or slacklining, you can get a free slackline kit from Zen Climb by purchasing a $60 gift certificate to be used towards a climbing lesson. $60 for 2 gifts! To order, please email