Corporate Training Programs

Personality and Applications

One of the greatest achievements in one's life is to understand oneself.

Most of us believe that personality is derived partially from ones genetic makeup and partially as a result of learning experience (since conception in the womb). The combination of nature and nurture determined the uniqueness of the individual.

The Ping Way is certified to administer the most popular personality assessments:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • True Colours®
  • Personality Dimensions®

Knowing your own personality type and acquiring the ability to identify the possible personality types of those with whom you interact, will greatly enhance your ability to --

  • identify your optimal career path
  • work more effectively with others
  • reduce negative conflicts at work and home
  • manage time, stress and change
  • increase leadership and parental skills
  • enrich your relationship with your partner

"I liked the fact that each colour had to sit togetehr and work as a team. The booklets were nice. The presenter was really good. I liked the delivery style. He used real-life examples."

"Great opportunity to learn about colleagues in branches. Fun element (which is very important on Branch Day)."

---- from participants at the Ministry of the Environment, Ontario, Canada