Corporate Training Programs

Be Yourself Presentation™
Connect… Motivate... Act...

This program consists of three sections:

A. The Persuasive Preparation™

  • Deciding on your presentation message(s)
  • Analyzing the relationships between the message(s), yourself and the audience
  • Establishing the connections between the message(s), yourself and the audience, and generating presentation content

B. The Persuasive Formula™

  • Choosing the most effective introduction
  • Constructing the main body by using four types of sequences
  • Ending the presentation without really ending it…

C. The Persuasive Toolbox™

  • Managing fear and anxiety
  • Using your breath, voice, body language… faculty that appeals to the five senses
  • Using emotions
  • Understanding the art of the language and utilizing it.
  • Employing aids: flip charts, PowerPoint, props, video, music…
  • Involving the audience

Through a series of individual presentations, group discussions and one-on-one coaching, you will be amazed what you are able to do!

“Xiaoping and Joy, I have to tell you that the first C-OTC talk was today, at a high school in Markham and delivered by Marc Martel. It seems it was a huge success. Lots of media there too and they asked him several questions .

...He said it was awesome and there was not one sound to be heard but him. I asked him if he had drawn on the Workshop training and he said most definitely...and that it helped him a lot.

So, thanks again... Hope we can run another one!”

----Deirdre Laframboise, Program Manager, Clean Air Champions