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To develop your team or organizational potential, please choose Corporate Training Programs.

To develop your personal potential, please choose Personal Growth Program.

At the end of each program, participants evaluate their personal improvement, team or organizational progress, the usefulness of the training and the effectiveness of the facilitators. Since 2000, the year The Ping Way was founded, thousands of people have taken our training programs. On average, they have rated their personal and team/organizational improvement at 4 out of 5, and the usefulness of their training and the effectiveness of the facilitators at 8 out of 10.

New: Reality Training Program

In September 2005, we facilitated the landscaping of a hospice garden by the legal team for the Regional Municipality of York. It was a stunning achievement. The video taped event bore a close resemblance to a television reality show. Upon completion, team members felt good about giving back to the community. In a follow-up meeting, participants identified the activity as a timely pick-me-up team building event.

To find out how you can incorporate training with giving back to your community in a reality show setting, please contact us.

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