Corporate Training Programs

Stress … A Turning Point™

When under stress, ones body tells one so through certain signs, such as restlessness or hyperactive, overeating or loss of appetite, bad sleep or loss of interest in sex.

This program helps you to become more in tune with yourself, both physical and mental, so you are more aware of the stresses you experience.

Besides awareness, this program helps you identify the three stages of negative stress, and their causes. This knowledge will then empower you to choose one or a combination of the six approaches to manage your negative stress.

A negative stress is an opportunity for you to gain a deeper insight about yourself: your weaknesses and strengths. It can also be an opportunity for personal growth, learning knew skills or adopting new attitudes or behaviours.

This program helps you turn negative stresses to positive ones, which fuel’s your personal growth, increases your confidence, improves your health, and enhances your relationships.

You will also learn relaxation techniques that you can practice daily.