Corporate Training Programs

Team Building

It is widely accepted that a team evolves through the following stages:

Forming ---- Storming ---- Norming ---- Performing ---- Adjourning

Some teams may skip or repeat certain stages.

Team building needs are dependent on the current stage of team development and the ultimate team goal.

Our customized team building program will help the team improve its performance and teamwork skills. The following topics are addressed:

• The benefits of teamwork
• Mutual understanding, respect, trust and commitment
• Team purpose and common goals
• Performance measurement
• Complementary skills
• Communication strategies and guidelines
• Teamwork processes
-Decision making
-Problem solving / project management
-Diversity and conflict resolution
-Performance evaluation
• Leadership and support

We have also developed specialized programs:

Dr. Team™ (for problematic teams)
MBA Team-building Program (for MBA students)
Athletes For Life™ (for athletes)
Map To Success™ (for high school students)

"This was a great session - informative, fun - very helpful in helping our team get to know each other! Your energy and enthusiasm as a facilitator made this a huge success for us."

---- Liz Riach, a dirctor of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada