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Personal Growth Program

Flow Into Your Potential uses the flow experience to help participants realize personal goals and potentials.

Flow is an experience of being completely involved in an activity for its own sake, in which one finds challenge and joy, receives constant feedback and achieves one's goals. Through flow one creates happiness for oneself.

Flow into Your Potential consists of five modules.

Each module is delivered through a series of Mind-And-Body (MAB) workshops.

In a MAB workshop, participants spend one-third of time on physical activities, one-third of time on theoretical learning and one-third of time on discussing and applying learning to real-life situations.

Choices of activities include hiking, yoga, orienteering, Tai Chi, ropes course, camping, rock climbing, co-op and simulation games, theatre improv, skating, skiing, cycling, roller-blading, igloo-building and team sports.

MAB workshops help participants improve fitness, develope supportive network with peer learners and make concrete progress in personal and professional lives.

Throughout the process, participants receive coaching sessions to address individual life issues.


"Flow Into Your Potential sessions provided the missing link for self development for me. The personal attention allowed me to take ideas for creating a better life, from the idea stage to incorporating them into my own life.”

-- Marj Andre, Account Executive, Toronto & Region Conservation Authority


Flow Into Your Potential

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