Corporate Training Programs

Project Management - Boulevard of Art™

Inspired by the rejuvenation of Philadelphia's rundown downtown core to a theatre and music district (The Avenue of Arts), transforming the city from near bankruptcy to a centre for arts, entertainment and business, we have incorporated an art component into our project management training program, and named it Boulevard of Art™.

Boulevard of Art™ is a highly participatory program that requires each participant brings a real-life project (from work or home) to the training session. Participants will immediately apply their learning to their projects.

Through this program, you will learn skills on:

  • Defining the three parameters of a project
  • Planning with Work Breakdown Structure
  • Assigning responsibilities and allocating resources
  • Sequencing deliverables
  • Identifying the shortest time for completion
  • Analyzing risks
  • Executing the plan
  • Multi-tasking
  • Closing and evaluating a project

“Shortly after taking this program, I moved up to a new position with more project management responsibilities. I found this program very helpful.”

---- a participant from Ontario Public Service Employees Union